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(Bal-e-Jibril-156) Mussolini


Nudrat-e-Fikar-o-Amal Kya Shay Hai, Zauq-e-Inqilab
Nudrat-e-Fikar-o-Amal Kya Shay Hai, Millat Ka Shabab

What is the originality of thought and action?—a taste for revolution.
What is the originality of thought and action?—the age of youth for a nation.

Nudrat-e-Fikar-o-Amal Se Maujazat-e-Zindagi
Nudrat-e-Fikar-o-Amal Se Sang-e-Khar-Ul-Amal Naab

Originality of thought and action creates miracles of life:
It turns pebbles into ruby stones.

Roma-Tul-Kubra! Digargoon Ho Gya Tera Zameer
Aynke Mee Beenam Ba Baidarist A Rab Ya Ba Khawab!

O Great Rome! Your conscience has changed altogether:
Is this a dream I see or is this for real!

Chashme-e-Peeran-e-Kuhan Mein Zindagaani Ka Farough
Naujawan Tere Hain Souz-e-Arzoo Se Sina Taab

Your old have the gleam of life in their eyes;
The flame of desire warms up the hearts of your young.

Ye Mohabbat Ki Hararat, Ye Tamanna, Ye Namood
Fasl-e-Gul Mein Phool Reh Sakte Nain Zair-e- Hijab

This warmth of love, this longing and this self‐expression:
Flowers cannot hide themselves in the season of Spring.

Naghma-e-Haye Shuaq Se Teri Faza Maamoor Hai
Zakhmawar Ka Muntazir Tha Teri Fitrat Ka Rubab

Songs of passion fill your air now—
The instrument of your nature was awaiting someone to play on it!

Faiz Ye Kis Ki Nazar Ka Hai, Karamat Kis Ki Hai?
Who Ke Hai Jis Ki Nigah Misl-e-Shua-e-Aftab!

Whose benevolent eye has graced this miracle upon you?
He whose vision is like the light of the Sun!

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