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(Bal-e-Jibril-158) Punjab Ke Dehqan Se

Punjab Ke Dehqan Se 
To The Punjab Peasant

Bata Kya Teri Zindagi Ka Hai Raaz
Hazaron Baras Se Hai Tu Khakbaz

What is this life of yours, tell me its mystery—
Trampled in dust is your ages‐old history!

Issi Khak Mein Dab Gyi Teri Aag
Sehar Ki Azan Ho Gyi, Ab Tu Jaag!

Deep in that dust has been smothered your flame—
Wake, and hear dawn its high summons proclaim!

Zameen Mein Hai Go Khakiyon Ke Barat
Nahin Iss Andhere Mein Aab-e-Hayat

Creatures of dust from the soil may draw bread:
Not in that darkness is Lifeʹs river fed!

Zamane Mein Jhoote Hai Uss Ka Nageen
Jo Apni Khudi Ko Parakhta Nahin

Base will his metal be held, who on earth
Puts not to trial his innermost worth!

Butan-e-Shaub-o-Qabail Ko Torh
Rasoom-e-Kuhan Ke Salasil Ko Torh

Break all the idols of tribe and of caste,
Break the old customs that fetter men fast!

Yehi Deen-e-Mohkam, Yehi Fateh-e-Baab
Ke Dunya Mein Touheed Ho Be-Hijab

Here is true victory, here is faithʹs crown—
One creed and one world, division thrown down!

Bakhak-e-Badan Dana-e-Dil Fashan
Ke Aeen Dana Dar Daz Hasil Nishan

Cast on the soil of your clay the heartʹs seed:
Promise of harvest to come, is that seed!


  1. fantastic piece

  2. Iqbal is great as always, but why just you do the translation in such a way that the translation confuses you even more?