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(Bal-e-Jibril-159) Nadir Shah Afghan

Nadir Shah Afghan
Nadir Shah Of Afghanistan

Huzoor-e-Haq Se Chala Le Ke Luluye Lala
Woh Abar Jis Se Rag-e-Gul Hai Misl-e-Taar-e-Nafs

Laden with pearls departed from the presence‐hall of God
That cloud that makes the pulse of life stir in the rose‐budʹs vein

Behisht Rah Mein Dekha To Ho Gya Betaab
Ajab Maqam Hai, Ji Chahta Hai Jaun Baras

And on its way saw Paradise, and trembled with desire
That on such exquisite abode it might descend in rain.

Sada Behisht Se Ayi Ke Muntazir Hai Tera
Harat-o-Kabil-o-Ghazni Ka Sabza-e-Naurasta

A voice sounded from Paradise: “They wait for you afar,
Kabul and Ghazni and Herat, and their new springing grass;

Sar Shak-e-Dida-e-Nadir Ba Dagh-e-Lala Fashan
Chana Ke Atish-e-Ao Ra Digar Firo Na Nishan !

Scatter the tear from Nadirʹs eye on the poppyʹs burning scar,
That never more may be put out the poppyʹs glowing fire!”

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