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(Bal-e-Jibril-162) Haal-o-Maqam


Worlds Apart

Dil Zinda-o-Baidar Agar Ho To Batadreej
Bande Ko Atta Karte Hain Chashme-e-Nigran Aur

When the heart is enlightened,
It is blessed with an inward eye.

Ahwal-o-Maqamat Pe Mouqoof Hai Sub Kuch
Har Lehza Hai Salik Ka Zaman Aur Makan Aur

The initiate has a different level
Of space and time in each position.

Alfaz-o-Maani Mein Tafawat Nahin Lekin
Mullah Ki Azan Aur, Mujahid Ki Azan Aur

The mullah’s and the mujahid’s azan,
The same in words, are apart in spirit.

Parwaz Hai Dono Ki Issi Aik Faza Mein
Kargas Ka Jahan Aur Hai, Shaheen Ka Jahan Aur

The vulture and the eagle soar
In the same air, but in worlds apart.


  1. In translation of the 3rd couplet, u have translated mujahid as crusader, which is incorrect. why don't u use the word mujahid as it is or use warrior etc?

  2. Wow!
    Amazing work.

  3. Iqbal is the best!

  4. In my opinion the last two couplets translation should be:

    There's no difference in words and meanings, but;
    priest call for pray differently - soldier differently!

    and last one should be

    Soar of both; is idential in the same air;
    but; vulture has a different world - falcon has a different world!

    Mukarram Alam

    1. Priest are for Christians only

  5. In my opinion the translation of first couplet should be:

    - If heart is alive and vigilant so - steadily;
    bequeaths to vicegrant, a different type of gaze!

    Please comments

    1. Chup kar ! Dictionary sy dekh dekh ky lafz likh rha hai. DALLA !

  6. Please consider the translation of first couplet of this poem:

    - If heart is alive & vigilant so - steadily;
    bequeaths to vicegerent, a different type of gaze!

    From: Mukarram Alam

  7. Allama Iqbaal ke kalaam ko zinda rakhne par mubarakbaad.
    Thank you GOOGLE too for helping me to search the right choice.

  8. very appropriate to the present times....

  9. A mujahid is a spiritual warrior. Jihad means struggle with self. Jihad e nafs is best and mandatory Jihad .

  10. To translate Mujahid as Crusader is in a bad taste and I am sure Iqbal would have cringed on that choice. Please reconsider.

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  12. Subhanallah myterious words for humans

  13. Publish more poetry