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(Bal-e-Jibril-163) Abbu-Al-Allama'ari

Abu Al-Alama’ari

(1). Abu Al-Alama’ari, Arabi Zuban Ka Mashoor Shayar

Kehte Hain Kabhi Ghosht Na Khata Tha Ma’arri
Phal Phool Pe Karta Tha Hamsha Guzar Auqat

It is said that Ma‘arri never ate meat;
He lived on fruit and vegetables.

Ek Dost Ne Bhoona Huwa Teetar Usse Bheja
Shaid Ke Who Shatir Issi Tarkeeb Se Ho Maat

A friend sent him a roasted partridge,
To allure that clever gentleman into eating meat.

Ye Khawan-e-Tar-o-Taza Maarri Ne Jo Dekha
Kehne Laga Woh Sahib-e-Ghafran-o-Lazomaat

When Ma‘arri saw that elegant tray
He, the author of Ghufran (2) and Lazumat (3) said,

Ae Murghak-e-Bechara! Zara Ye To Bata Tu
Tera Woh Gunah Kya Tha Ye Hai Jis Ki Makafat?

“O You helpless little bird, would you tell me your sin
For which this punishment has been awarded to you?

Afsos, Sad Afsos Ke Shaheen Na Bana Tu
Dekhe Na Teri Ankh Ne Fitrat Ke Isharat

Alas, you did not become a falcon;
Your eye did not perceive the directives of Nature.

Taqdeer Ke Qazi Ka Ye Fatwa Hai Azal Se
Hai Jurm-e-Zaeefi Ki Saza Marg-e-Mafajat!

It is the eternal decree of the Judge sitting in Judgement on destinies—
That weakness is a crime punishable by death.

Gafran - Rasala-Tul-Ghafran, Maarri Ki Aik Mashoor Kitab Ka Naam Ha
Lazomat – Iss Ke Qasaid Ka Majmooa Ha

(1). Iqbal’s note‐‐ Abu al ‘Ala al‐Ma‘arri, a famous Arabic poet.
(2). Iqbal’s note—Risala tul Ghufran is the title of a famous book by him.
(3). Iqbal’s note—Lazumat is the collection of his panegyrics.


  1. Taqdeer Ke Qazi Ka Ye Fatwa Hai Azal Se
    Hai Jurm-e-Zaeefi Ki Saza Marg-e-Mafajat!

    Buhat Khub, Buhat Aala ..Zaberdast...Great Allama Sahib.

    Qazi Ahkam

    1. This is what is happening to Pakistani Qoum and Ummat-e-Muslimmah at the moment

  2. it is te rule of nature......he can not sirvive who became week.............

  3. Pleasure reading. God bless you

  4. Are we not turned so weak today, in front of the most corrupt and malignant leaders, that death SHOULD and MUST be our destiny?
    We have given up all our hope in Allah and goodness, and have bowed down in front of the forces (which are no forces in fact) of Shaitan. Afraid of death - a reality which we CANNOT run off from - succumbed to the pernicious and ill-designed systems, we will gain nothing but despair, depression and destruction, if we failed to raise voice and effort against the evil around us

  5. نام ’’ معری‘‘ کی بجائے ’’معرا‘‘ ہونا چاہئے پائوں میں لنگ کیوجہ سے انکو معری کہا جاتا ہے

  6. Allama Muhammad Iqbal the greatest poet ever. In fact, he is much more than a poet

  7. Look behind last 5 centuries, what has happened to Muslim nation??? Turks were famous for bravery but when they left battle field and entered palaces everything left them. Mughals were also Turks and same thing happened to them. If u leave Sword u will leave honor.

    1. So true also watch this too: