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(Bal-e-Jibril-168) Khudi

The Self

Khudi Ko Na De Seem-o-Zar Ke Ewaz
Nahin Shaola Dete Sharar Ke Ewaz

Barter not thy selfhood for silver and gold;
Sell not a burning flame for a spark half‐cold;

Ye Kehta Hai Firdousi-e-Didahwar
Ajam Jis Ke Surme Se Roshan Basar

So says Firdowsi, the poet of vision and grace,
Who brought to the East the dawn of brighter days:

“Zabar-e-Daram Tund-o-Bad Kho Mabash
Tu Bayad Ke Bashi, Daram Go Mabash”

Be not a churl for filthy lucre’s sake,
Count not thy coppers, whatever they may make.


  1. nafs e insani by eshq takes the highest position and without it falls into lowest of lowest position
    summa radad nahu asfala safileen

  2. Nafs word is used in Quran. Three characteristics of Nafs mentioned in Quran are: one Nafs e Lwama mentioned in Surah Al Qayamah Ayah two ( 75/2), second Nafs e Amara mentioned in Sorah Yousaf Ayah 53 (2/53), third Nafs e Mutmuyana mentioned in Surah Fajir Ayah 27 ( 89/ 27). Nafs e Lwama accuses-self for an action. Nafs e Amara calls towards evil. Nafs e Mutmayana satisfied Nafs after a certain action. West has done much study on it and still is not able to completely understand it.