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(Bal-e-Jibril-169) Judai


Suraj Bunta Hai Tar-e-Zar Se
Dunya Ke Liye Rida-e-Noori

The sun is weaving with golden thread
A mantle of light about earthʹs head;

Alam Hai Khamosh-o-Mast Goya
Har Shay Ko Naseeb Hai Huzoori

Creation hushed in ecstasy,
As in the presence of the Most High.

Darya, Kuhsar, Chand, Tare
Kya Janain Faraaq-o-Nasaboori

What can these know—stream, hill, moon, star—
Of separation’s torturing scar?

Shayaan Hai Mujhe Gham-e-Judai
Ye Khak Hai Mehram-e-Judai

Mine is this golden grief alone,
To this dust only is this grief known.

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  1. did not get the english translation of last stanza. could u please revise it please,