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(Bang-e-Dra-117) Muslim

(June 1912)

Har Nafas Iqbal Tera Aah Mein Mastoor Hai
Seena’ay Sozaan Tera Faryad Se Maamoor Hai

Every breath you draw, Iqbal, is laden (loaded) with sighs;
Your flaming chest is filled with lament.

Naghama’ay Umeed Teri Barbat-e-Dil Mein Nahin
Hum Samajhte Hain Ye Laila Tere Mahmil Mein Nahin

The lute(a stringed instrument) of your heart has no song of hope:
Your litter (curtained couch), we believe, has not his Layla.

Gosh Awaz-e-Surood-e-Rafta Ka Joya (Talash) Tera
Aur Dil Hungama’ay Hazir Se Be Parwa Tera

Your ears seek the sound of a song that has been sung and is no more,
Your heart is unconcerned with the commotion of the present.

Qissa’ay Gul Hum Nawayan-e-Chaman Sunte Nahin
Ahl-e-Mehfil Tera Pegham-e-Kuhan Sunte Nahin

Your fellow‐singers of the garden would not hear the tale of the rose:
The assembly would not listen to your message of old.

Ae Dara’ay Karwan-e-Khufta Pa! Khamosh Reh
Hai Bohat Yaas Afreen Teri Sada Khamosh Reh

Quiet, O bell of the numb‐footed caravan!
Your voice causes much despair—quiet!

Zinda Phir Woh Mehfil-e-Dairina Ho Sakti Nahin
Shama Se Roshan Shab-e-Dosheena Ho Sakti Nahin

It cannot be brought back to life, The assembly of olden times;
Yester-night cannot be lit up with candles.

Hum Nasheen! Muslim Hun Mein, Touheed Ka Hamil Hun Main
Iss Sadaqat Par Azal Se Shahid-e-Adil Hun Main

I am a Muslim, my friend a bearer of the message of tawhid
And a witness since eternity to that truth!

Nabz-e-Moujudat Main Paida Hararat Iss Se Hai
Aur Muslim Ke Takhiyyul Main Jasarat Iss Se Hai

To tawhid is due the warm beat of the pulse of the existents;
From it, too, the boldness in the Muslim’s thought.

Haq Ne Alam Iss Sadaqat Ke Liye Paida Kiya
Aur Mujhe Is Ski Hifazat Ke Liye Paida Kiya

It is for the sake of this truth that God created the world,
And to guard that truth He created me.

Dehr Mein Gharat Gar-e-Batil Prasti Main Huwa
Haq To Ye Hai Hafiz-e-Namoos-e-Hasti Main Huwa

It was I who abolished the worship of falsehood—
I, indeed, who proved to be the protector of the laws of existence.

Meri Hasti Pairhan Uryani-e-Alam Ki Hai
Mere Mit Jane Se Ruswayi Bani Adam Ki Hai

My existence is a robe that covers the nakedness of the world:
To destroy me would be a disgrace to mankind!

Qismat-e-Alam Ka Muslim Koukab-e-Tabinda Hai
Jis Ki Tabani Se Afsoon-e-Sehar Sharminda Hai

Of the fate of the world, The Muslim is the shining star—
One whose brilliance puts to shame the spell cast by dawn.

Ashkara Hain Meri Ankhon Pe Asrar-e-Hayat
Keh Nahi Sakte Mujhe Naumeed-e-Paikaar-e-Hayat

The secrets of life are exposed to my view:
I cannot be said to have despaired of waging the struggle of life.

Kab Dra Sakta Hai Gham Ka Arzi Manzar Mujhe
Hai Bharosa Apni Millat Ke Muqaddar Par Mujhe

How can I be frightened by the transient scene of sorrow?
I believe in the destiny of my Millat (My Community)!

Yaas Ke Unsar Se Hai Azad Mera Rozgaar
Fateh-e-Kamil Ki Khabar Deta Hai Josh-e-Karzaar

Of the element of despair my life is free:
The heat of the battle gives notice of complete victory.

Haan Ye Sach Hai Chashme Bar Ehd-e-Kuhan Rehta Hun Main
Ahl-e-Mehfil Se Purani Dastan Kehta Hun Mein

Yes, my eyes are fixed on the age gone by,
And to the assembly I tell the same old story.

Yad-e-Ehd-e-Rafta Meri Khak Ko Ikseer Hai
Mera Mazi Mere Istaqbal Ki Tafseer Hai

To the dust of my being is elixir the memory of the bygone age.
My past is the exegesis (interpretation) of my future;

Samne Rakhta Hun Uss Dour-e-Nishat Afza Ko Main
Dekhta Hun Dosh Ke Aaeene Mein Farda Ko Main

I keep in view that exciting age—
In the mirror of the past I see the future.


  1. I appreciate the hard work, amazing I found an error in the roman script for the following, kindly update it,

    Yaas ke unsar se hai aazad mera rozgar

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  4. can any 1 pls explain me the meaning of sheir kab taq dra sakta ha gham ka arzi manzar mujhe hai bherosa apni millat ka muqaddar pe mujhe.....plssssssssssss tell me its mafoom in detail

  5. allama iqbal was a great person.. he was not a poet, he was a philosopher of a nation, the muslims..
    I bet, if we start his course in our middle, high schooling, we will rise as a most powerful islamic nation in the world

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