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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-037) Masti-e-Kirdar

Fervour For Action

Sufi Ki Tariqat Mein Faqt Mast-e-Ahwal
Mullah Ki Shariat Mein Faqt Mast-e-Guftar

The mystic mode has naught except the inner changes of the heart;
The talk of Mullah on his creed is merely piece of fiery art.

Shayar Ki Nawa Murda-o-Afsurda-o-Be-Zauq
Afkar Mein Sar-Mast, Na Khawabida Na Baidar

The poetʹs song of zeal bereft, is dead and struck with frost!
To outward eyes he seems awake, though in thoughts completely lost!

Woh Mard-e-Mujahid Nazar Ata Nahin Mujh Ko
Ho Jis Ke Rag-e-Pay Mein Faqt Masti-e-Kirdar

Alas! my eyes do not behold the holy knight whose fervour high
May cause his blood to seethe and boil in veins that lend such might to thigh.

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  1. Murshid Baba Iqbal (r.a). He is a Great Mard e Mujahid of whose personality was compound of Ahwaal, Guftar, Ba'zoq zinda Afqaar and the Greatest Kirdar!