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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-058) Adam


Tilism-e-Bood-o-Aadam , Jis Ka Naam Hai Adam
Khuda Ka Raaz Hai, Qadir Nahin Hai Jis Pe Sukhan

The talisman wrought from mud and clay, Whom we give the name of man,
Is mystery known to God alone, Its essence true we can not scan.

Zamana Subah-e-Azal Se Raha Hai Mehv-e-Safar
Magar Ye Iss Ki Tag-o-Dou Se Ho Saka Na Kuhan

Since Creationʹs Early Morn began time is engaged in constant flight,
Has tried to leave its trace on man, But has not met success e’en slight.

Agar Na Ho Tujhe Uljhan To Khol Kar Keh Doon
Wujood-e-Hazrat-e-Insan Na Rooh Hai Na Badan

If you do not get much disturbed, to you this truth I may unroll
That man, Godʹs image, on the earth is neither frame of clay nor soul.


  1. it is very hard to understand, but Alhumdolillah I have reached the theme or this beautiful Stanza... The Ideology of ADAM, In fact what is inside a human...

  2. What is the meaning of this poem? Particularly the last shair.

  3. Free will / will power.

  4. Interesting and very deep...makes us think further about the prostration of iblees...beautifully written inspired by mansur halaj

  5. Beautiful expression...inspired by mansur halaj. God has only ever asked us to prostrate in front of him.

  6. Translation ofبودوعدم is done wrong over here . It means 'presence and absence'

  7. It is on 'Nature of Man'. According to Iqbal, it's a mystery. It is a composition of soul and body. But we cannot say it is either soul or body. According to Iqbal, Khuda k Raz ha. Language fails to describe it.