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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-062) Mard-e-Musalman (مرد مسلمان) A Muslim


Har Lehza Hai Momin Ki Nayi Shan, Nayi Aan
Guftar Mein, Kirdar Mein, Allah Ki Burhan!

A Muslim true gets grandeur new with moment's change and every hour:
By words and deeds he gives a proof of Mighty God, His reach and power.

Ye Char Anasir Hon To Banta Hai Musalman

To rout the foes, to grant them reprieve, do pious deeds and show great might:
 Are four ingredients that make A Muslim devout who shuns not fight.

Humsaya-e-Jibreel-e-Ameen Banda-e-Khaki
Hai Iss Ka Nasheman Na Bukhara Na Badakhshan

With Gabriel trusted and steadfast this clay-born man has kinship close:
A dwelling in some land or clime for himself Muslim never chose.

Ye Raaz Kisi Ko Nahin Maloom Ke Momin
Qari Nazar Ata Hai, Haqiqat Mein Hai Quran!

This secret yet none has grasped  that Muslim Scripture reads so sweet:
Practising rules by it prescribed, becomes its pattern quite complete.

Qudrat Ke Maqasid Ka Ayar Uss Ke Irade
Dunya Mein Bhi Meezan, Qayamat Mein Bhi Meezan

The Faithful acts on aims and ends that Nature keeps before its sight:
 In world he sifts the good and bad, In future shall judge wrong and right.

Jis Se Jigar-e-Lala Mein Thandak Ho, Woh Shabnam
Daryaon Ke Dil Jis Se Dehel Jaen, Woh Toofan

While dealing with friends and mates, He is dew that thirst of tulip slakes:
 When engaged with his foes in fight, like torrent strong makes rivers shake.

Firat Ka Surood-e-Azali Iss Ke Shab-o-Roz
Ahang Mein Yakta Sift-e-Soorah-e-Rehman

The charm of Nature's eternal song  in Muslim's life, no doubt is found:
Like chapter Rahman of the Quran, Is full of sweet melodious sound.

Bante Hain Meri Kargah-e-Fikr Mein Anjum
Le Apne Muqaddar Ke Sitare Ko Tu Pehchan!

Such thoughts that shine like lustrous stars my brain, like workshop, can provide:
 You can select the star you like, so that your Fate this star may guide!


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    1. best poet of the world

  2. Maybe the most powerful piece of poetry of Iqbal, extremely thought provoking!

  3. the greatest personality amongst the muslims scholors who inspired muslims youth and gave them a candle of hope and courage to cope with the prevailing circumstances of each time after allama muhammad iqbal.we the muslims need such type of scholors in the present era to defend and define islam and muslims. May allah rest him in peace

  4. lovely............. Iqbal zinbabad

  5. Iqbal Mard e Momin! This is the name by which Iqbal is named in India! We Indians really respect him! May he RIP! Allama was really a great poet! I Live in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India!

    1. hy arisha iam pakistani and i am also like to allam iqball

    2. U dont need to actually speak English if u dont knw how to speak. Urdu is great language hum apas mai urdu mai bt kr skte hain and indians can understnd urdu. So agr ni ati english tu mt krro use. Is m koi bt ni wht necessary is u shd know ur national language

  6. Thanks for your comments Areesha,
    iqbal was really great poet not only for both country but his message was for All World. He is really understand the truth and want to deliver to the people. I sincerely invite you for the truth of the life b/c I feel you have some poetential to accept the truth. I also getting benefits and wish you good lucj for you. please visit below mentioned sites and try to acquire some knowledge about truth. Ask the question first yourself and then raise your questions in the light of universal Truth.

    Yours Sincerly


  7. this is the no.1 poem of the world
    Are you agree?????????
    plz reply

  8. admi inki Tashree bhi upload kardiya karain
    humain samaj nahi ati tashree k bagair plzzzz jistarah khudi ki ki h thanks

  9. Iqbal is undoubtedly one of the greatest thinkers and poets of all time. His concept of Momin, however utopian and idealistic, is the true definition of a Muslim. I wish our people read Iqbal more deeply and understood his message.

  10. Musalman tu apnay ap ko pehchaan

  11. every time i read or listen this kalam my heart my mind get into some other world . they are not merely a human words ,. its amad from above .

    1. God.....Ya Allah
      What poetry.
      Urdu or not, yet to see another poet with the depth of thought and philosophy.

  12. This is really great. I just love IQBAL's Poetry.

  13. its not only a thought provoking but also the real definition of a "TRUE MUSLIM"

  14. its not only a thought provoking but also the real definition of a true " MUSLIM "

  15. The poem reprsents a true sketch of a muslim.may Allah bestow us with such a stature.May Allah shower His boundless blessings and mercy on Iqbal.

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  17. Iqbaliyat must be a subject of study in every class beginning from Grade 1. His kalam is effective and powerful enough to influence the minds of the children so that they could develop into a true Muslim and true Pakistani.

  18. awesome writer !!
    salute *** :')

  19. The Saint, The Poet and The Philosopher, we are blessed with Iqbal.

  20. Mujhe Har Zulm Ke Aage Tumhari Dhaal Banna Hai,
    Mujhe Galib Nahi Banna Mujhe Iqbal Banna Hai ...!!

  21. Excellent Huzaifa Haroon

  22. This CONFUSED AND CHAOTIC World needs Another Allama Iqbal As Soon As Possible.............

  23. Manzoom (in the form of poem) translation of Quranic Aayaat

  24. Tum acha kro or Zamana tum ko bura samje ye tmrare Haq main behtar ha.
    bjaye iss k,k tm bura kro or zamana tmko Acha samje
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  25. Great poetry

  26. Inspiring words and guiding light to generation of Muslims...