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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-063) Punjabi Musalman

Punjabi Musalman
Punjabi Muslim

Mazhab Mein Bohat Taza Pasand Iss Ki Tabiyat
Kar Le Kahin Manzil To Guzerta Hai Bohat Jald

A newborn faith invokes his taste,
Adopts with zeal but leaves with haste.

Tehqeeq Ki Bazi Ho To Shirkat Nahin Karta
Ho Khail Mureedi Ka To Harta Hai Bohat Jald

In search for truth he takes no part,
As disciple stakes both head and heart.

Taveel Ka Phanda Koi Sayyad Laga De
Ye Shakh-e-Nasheman Se Uterta Hai Bohat Jald

If comments’ snare some hunter set,
From nest on bough would drop in net.


  1. And he was a Kashmiri himself.

  2. He was not kashmiri his ancestors were. 40percent of punjab has kashmiri ancestry but we have assimilated and adopted punjabi lang and culture and we call ourself punjabi not kashmiri so kindly pls stop.

  3. Wish Allama was studied at all levels of learning in Pakistan.