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(Zarb-e-Kaleem-200) Adam Ka Zameer Uss Ki Haqiqat Pe Hai Shahid


Adam Ka Zameer Iss Ki Haqiqat Pe Hai Shahid
Mushkil Nahin Ae Salik-e-Rah! Ilm-e-Faqeeri

The story of man is a witness to the truth:
O wayfarer! The way of faqr is not difficult.

Foulad Kahan Rehta Hai Shamsheer Ke Laeek
Paida Ho Agar Iss Ki Tabiat Mein Harairi

Steel that develops the character of silk
Ceases to be suitable for the sword.

Khud-Dar Na Ho Faqr To Hai Qehr-e-Elahi
Ho Sahib-e-Ghairat To Hai Tamheed-e-Ameeri

When faqr is not self‐reliant, it becomes God’s wrath,
When it is self‐reliant, it is forerunner of kingship.

Afrang Zakhud Be-Khabarat Kard Wagarna
Ae Banda-e-Momin! Tu Basheeri, Tu Nazeeri !

The Franks have made you forgetful of yourself,
Otherwise, O believer, you are a warner and bearer of tidings.

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