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(Armaghan-e-Hijaz-01) Explanation of Iblees Ki Majlis-e-Shura - The Devil's Conference

Book: Sharah Kuliyat-e-Iqbal
Explanation / Interpretation (Tashreeh): Janab Israr Zaidi
Meaning of Difficult Words: Janab Nisar Akbar Abad

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Explanation of Poem -  تشریح


  1. اور ایک پنجابی مین تشریح دیکھین
    سننے لائق
    ابلیس کی مجس شوریٰ
    پنجابی تشریح

  2. Excellent, I read this poem a decade ago, but today I got a little of essence of this poem.
    God bless you, keep it up

  3. I read this really became sad but hoping from Allah we Muslim will become awake by following Quran pak and Sun ah.

  4. Amal say Zindgee Benti hay Jenat Bi Jahenum Bi...................
    Yeh Khaki Apni Fitrat Main Nori Hay Na Nariiiiiiii....................

  5. Bohat achi kawish or is k liye bohat shukria, hairat hoti hai k jis qom mai Iqbal aisay azeem log hon wohi qom arsa draz se zawal pazeer hai to kyon? His thought-provoking poetry and philosophy hits deeply BUT almiya ye ha k is fikr ko hum tk pohanchne hi nai dia jata...hamari text books me se Iqbbal kko ghaib kr dia hai, lets do something for this, I read this nazm today and im amazed and im sure k aggr youngsters ko Iqbal ki poetry sahi manon mai parhai or samjhai jaye to shayed yeh soi hui qom jag jaye.

  6. I dont know how to read urdu .. if it has been in English many people like me will be enlightened. Please consider it..

  7. Great work brother keep it up.....may Allah reward you.

  8. The best political poem of Allama Iqbal sb.

  9. Jazak Allah bro.. keep it up

  10. So many TV channels in Pakistan . Why This kind of material is not presented so the Pakistan’s young generation can understand Iqbal’s wisdom and the true meaning of our great religion.