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(Armaghan-e-Hijaz-19) Tere Darya Mein Toofan Kyun Nahin Hai (تیرے دریا میں طوفان کیوں نہیں ہے ) Why is there no storm in your sea?

Tere Darya Mein Toofan Kyun Nahin Hai
Khudi Teri Musalman Kyun Nahin Hai

Why is there no storm in your sea?
Why is your Khudi not Muslim?

Abas Hai Shikwa’ay Taqdeer-E-Yazdan
Tu Khud Taqdeer-E-Yazdan Kyun Nahin Hai?

It is pointless to complain of God’s decree –
 Why are you not God’s decree?


  1. alama ki shairi ki baat hi kia he

  2. Iqbal was in my view the best poet of the world with a unique way of expressing his views

  3. salam
    can someone explain me , what does the last line " why are you not God's decree?" means?

  4. Alamma was a revolutionary Peot.
    The One & Only King of Kings, Of Shayeri..!!

  5. Wassalaam,

    It means that the true believer should achieve such a level of certainty and faith in God that his every thought and action is in harmony with the decree of God, and, consequently, God's every decree is in agreement with his every desire. The point that Allama Iqbal is driving home is the need to achieve kamil imaan and tawakkul in Allah before one can expect one's wishes and desires to manifest before one's eyes, and that once one achieves utter and total faith and certainty in Allah, one's deepest aspirations will certainly become realities.

    Another important thing that this line perhaps alludes to is that man is God's representative on Earth (as stated in the Qur'an). In this sense, he is God's decree, exalted and ennobled above all other creation. He has to realize and become cognizant of his status as the representative of God in order for him to achieve his magnificent potential.

    1. Beautifuly explained..masha Allah

  6. superb, subhan Allah

  7. Abas Hai Shikwa’ay Taqdeer-E-Yazdan
    Tu Khud Taqdeer-E-Yazdan Kyun Nahin Hai?

    apni khudi baidar ho jay to khuda ki zaat insan se zahir ho jati hai. phir jo wo krta hai wohi taqder banti hai.

  8. Dr Iqbal he was a great poet in the world.