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(Bal-e-Jibril-021) Ghulami Kya Hai? Zauq-e-Husn-o-Zaibai Se Mehroomi (غلامی کیا ہے؟ ذوق و حسن و زیبائی سے محرومی) Slavery—exile from the love of beauty

Ghulami Kya Hai? Zauq-e-Husn-o-Zaibai Se Mehroomi
Jise Zaiba Kahin Azad Bande, Hai Wohi Zaiba

Slavery—exile from the love of beauty:
Beauty—whatever free men reckon so;

Bharosa Kar Nahin Sakte Ghulamon Ki Baseerat Par
Ke Dunya Mein Faqat Mardan-e-Hur Ki Ankh Hai Beena

Trust no slave’s eyes, clear sight and liberty
Go hand in hand. His own resolves bestow

Wohi Hai Sahib-e-Amroz Jis Ne Apni Himat Se
Zamane Ke Sumander Se Nikala Gohar-e-Farda

The empire of To‐day on him who fishes
To‐morrow’s pearl up from Time’s undertow.

Farangi Shisha Gar Kar Ke Fun Se Pathar Ho Gye Pani
Meri Ikseer Ne Shishe Ko Bakhshi Sakhti-e-Khara

The Frankish glassblowers’ arts can make stone run:
My alchemy makes glass flint‐hard.

Rahe Hain, Aur Hain Firon Meri Ghaat Mein Ab Tak
Magar Kya Gham Ke Meri Asteen Mein Hai Yad-e-Baiza

Pharaoh plotted and plots against me; but what harm?
Heaven lifts my hand, like Moses’, white as snow;

Who Chingari Khas-o-Khashaak Se Kis Tarah Dab Jaye
Jise Haq Ne Kiya Ho Neestan Ke Wastay Paida

Earth’s rubbish‐heaps can never quell this spark
God struck to light whole deserts, His flambeau!

Mohabbat Khaweshtan Beeni, Mohabbat Khwaestan Dari
Mohabbat Astan-e-Qaisar-o-Kasra Se Beparwa

Love, self‐beholding, self‐sustaining, stands
Un‐awed at the gates of Caesar or Khosro;

Ajab kya Gar Meh-o-Parveen Mere Nakhcheer Ho Jaen
‘Ke Bar Fatraak-e-Sahib Doulatay Bistam Sar-e-Khud Ra’

If moon or Pleiades fall my prey, what wonder—
Myself bound fast to the Prophet’s saddle‐bow!

Woh Dana’ay Subul, Khatam-Ur-Rusul, Moula’ay Kul (S.A.W.) Jis Ne
Ghubar-e-Rah Ko Bakhsha Farogh-e-Wadi-e-Sina

He—Guide, Last Envoy, Lord of All—
Lent brightness of Sinai to our dust;

Nigah-e-Ishq-o-Masti Mein Wohi Awal, Wohi Akhir
Wohi Quran, Wohi Furqan, Wohi Yasin, Wohi Taha

Love’s eyes, not slow to kindle, hail him Alpha and Omega,
Chapter, and Word, and Book. I would not go

Sanayi Ke Adab Se Mein Ne Gawwasi Na Ki Warna
Abhi Iss Behar Mein Baqi Hain Lakhon Lulu’ay Lala

Pearl‐diving there, for reverence of Sina‘i;
But in these tides a million pearls still grow.


  1. Is this the correct translation ? Where is it taken from.

    1. almost correct translation

    2. The translation tries to rhymize it. Turning the actual meaning upside down.
      Bad choiceof words makes it impossible to get the exact meaning. As they say it is merely some sort of english translation but not the interpretation.

      Rhymes are glossy but devoid of any meaning which the translationshould have achieved. Irnoy is this that the translation makes it much more harder even impossible to get the exact meaning.

  2. thanks for the hard work.

  3. @Anonymous

    This translation is published by Iqbal Academy Pakistan which is an oldest institute on Allama Iqbal's work. We picked it from their website

  4. Ghubar-e-Rah Ko Bakhsha Farogh-e-Wadi-e-Sina

    Of Sinai to our dust; Love’s eyes, not slow

    I am a regular visitor of this web and really appreciate your work but guy i dont think so the above mention couplet is a correct translation

    Salahuddin Misbah

    1. Bro Salahuddin Misbah

      Check now

      Lent brightness of Sinai to our dust;

      Actually these all translations are done by Iqbal Academy but very badly arranged in their books, so some errors always remains. Please read it again.

  5. Thanks bro
    May almighty give us courage to read and act on the verses of Iqbal


  6. can anyone please elaborate the meaning of second stanza:
    "bharosa kar nahi...
    ...aankh hai beena"

  7. Bharosa Kar Nahin Sakte Ghulamon Ki Baseerat Par
    Ke Dunya Mein Faqat Mardan-e-Hur Ki Ankh Hai Beena

    We cannot trust on the intellectual sense of slaves, only (Mardaan e Hur) brave people has an intelectual understanding

    *Hur Razi Allah Talah Anha was a Yazid commander who was ordered by Umar Saad to arrest Imam Hussain Razi Allah Talah Anha but after hearing the reason of Imam Hussain R.A traveling towards Syria he left his Army and received sacrifise his life in the battle of Karbala


    1. Kya ye un janab e hur ki bat kr rhe hen Allama iqbal?

  8. Iqbal o Galib o FAiz ko parrh Lo. Tumhayn Urdu-sahyari parrhne ki zaroorat khtm/
    Mureed Dasti.

  9. is this a complete poem

  10. it is also a naat

  11. Tell me meaning of WADI-E-SINA ?? Where is this wadi ? tell me in detail

  12. What nonsense !
    You people are making mockery of work of Iqbal by putting such a ridiculous translation.
    If you can't put proper English translation at least don't write pure bull shit with no meaning or connection to actual urdu verses.
    The person who is admin or editor of this site seems to be some illitate or purely dumb person . He is not even realising what is written as "English translation

  13. to those complaining about the translation, i agree that the translation does not do justice but please suggest the right translation if you have it. If i had it, i would! WaSalam